Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good day at Walmart

I warned my husband before we left the house that I was going to be coupon shopping. But he said that since I was complaining that we don't spend enough time together that he wanted to go. So we packed up our toddler and headed to Walmart. I bought a few extra's that I didn't have coupons for so the bill came to $84.00. Without coupons and freebies it would have cost me $103.00.

My greatest find were 3 boxes of Nabisco Cheese Nips for free w/ the Target $1.00/coupon. They have a $1.00 Isle now. They also accept Target coupons. I discovered that a couple of weeks ago. I also purchased to bags of Chex Mix for $.98 ea. Using 2 of the $1/coupons from

By now my husband and Austin were getting a little ansy and were ready to leave. So I didn't get all of the deals that I wanted to.

Still it was a pretty good day. Oh and of coarse I stopped by the All You booth and received 3 free Schick razors and 5 free poise pads. Hey, they were free. The gal at the booth was so excited that I already knew about the All You magazine and that I was a subscriber. I said of coarse with all of those coupons in there why wouldn't anyone be a subscriber.

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