Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I hit 3 Albertson's yesterday

Well, the morning started out great. As soon as Austin woke up I was ready to go, I fed and clothed him and we were out the door. The first Albertson's he did great and so did Mommy.
Total OOP (Out of Pocket)
drum roll please.....
$.63 All I had to pay was tax. I never thought in my wildest dreams that when I went grocery shopping, I would need to grab change from my change jar. I was scrummaging through my purse for pennines.

WOW $.68
$.24 for the Bagelfuls, $.24 for the Pasta dinners, $.15 for the TP and FREE for the bread and cookies.
The double coupon days are over now so I won't list the details. I did this in 3 transactions and 2 stores. On 2 of them it printed out free catalina's for the cookies and the free bread. Yummy sour dough garlic.

This one wasn't as great, but still good. I find myself disappointed when I don't just pay tax now. huh?

I lost my receipts for the Easy Mac bowls, but the Triscuits and the Wheat Thins were free, just had to pay $.15 and the Kraft dressing and the A1 was $4.05 My total for all of this was
$4.20 + I think another $4.00 for 8 Easy Macs.

2 cookies and a little screaming for this or that later we were on our way home.

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