Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great weekend at Idaho City

No couponing for me the last few days, I was too busy making memories with my family.

Sometimes you gotta pick and choose. I chose a family getaway (in the mud) with our very courageous sidekicks...The other Foxes.

We had so much fun. The rain, the mud, the enormous puddles. That didn't stop these boys from having the time of their lives.

Just look at these faces.

As you can see we are a dirt bike riding family, well Susan and I are not of coarse but everyone else is and Austin is on his way. Too soon for me probably, but in his mind he already is!


  1. very cute-just think someday they'll all be off riding, then WHAT will we do??????

  2. We will both be enjoying a good book some Mommy drinks and maybe even a conversation w/out "Mom, Mom"