Friday, July 3, 2009

Zoo Boise

I didn't just shop at Target today. Me and my boys went to The Boise Zoo this morning. Before it became too excruciatingly hot.
The sling on Chase's arm is a whole other story. As most of you know. We had a lot of fun just the 3 of us. Here are some photos to prove it!!

My Boys; Chase and Austin.

I think he really thought that he was going to get somewhere with this jeep.

The baby Giraffe. It was so cute.
Austin was in AWE the whole time. Right up until it became his nap time, the he became a bear!

That Tiger was beautiful.
I know what he is thinking... "I really hope that that thing doesn't come alive!"
Cruizin' around in his favorite shoes that Grammy bought him. His Spider Man shoes.

I warned Chase, that if he goes down that slide and hurts his other arm he was in for it. Guess what? My 11 year old didn't listen to me. Shocking I know. But he didn't get hurt.

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