Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Fab Albertsons trip

I won't list all of my scenarios. They are either in their ad, or you can find them here: Krazy Coupon Lady or this wonderful lady at Fabulessly Frugal.

With that being said this is what I got in my 1st transaction
My total before coupons was $51.78. Would I spend that much for 8 jars of Peanut butter and 4 bottles of Laundry soap?? Heck NO!! With coupons and double coupons my OOP was $19.50 + I got $15.00 worth of Catalinas.

My 2nd transaction was this:

10 Ragu sauces, 2 boxes of Reeses cereal, 3 Cake mixes, 2 Suave shampoos, 1 Best Foods Mayonnaise and 1 Chex Mix. My total before coupons, doubles and catalinas for this one would have cost me $64.68. I paid OOP $4.25 + another $15.00 Catalina for my next purchase.

With that being said. My total OOP for todays trip to Albertsons was $23.75 + $15.00 Cat for next time. Or if I figure it like most of the coupon ladies it would equal to be $8.75 for $116.46 worth of items.

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