Monday, March 8, 2010

Rite Aid Trip

I know... I know... I haven't posted in quite sometime. I have been getting all of the really good deals at Albertsons but I have failed to post them. My bad!!

But tonight that changes. I went to Rite Aid to get in on the B1G1 deal on Cover Girl products. Wooh, Did I ever!!

2 gallons of milk $1.99/ea
4 starbursts $.88/ea.
4 skittles $1.49/ea.
2 Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless foundations
1 Covergirl exact eyelights Mascara
1 Covergirl line exact Eyeliner

I used 2 B1G1 Starburst Q, 2 B1G1 Skittles Q, 2 B1G1 Covergirl Q from 2/7 RP and I also used $5/$20 RA Video Q

All said and done my total came to $1.52! Of coarse I paid tax that brought my final total to $3.35 OOP.

What a great trip to Rite Aid. I just love free make-up!! (Especially when it is the expensive stuff. $15.99 is expensive to me, that's how much the Covergirl foundation WOULD have cost me had I paid for it!)


  1. you go girl awesome job.

  2. wow, I'm impressed. Great job!!!