Saturday, August 14, 2010


First of all Swagbucks is a search and win site. You win (sometimes)
~~Just click this link to get started:

~Get as your home page. That way, anytime you want to do a search you are already there and can win for doing things you normally do. You will not win EVERY time. If you do a lot of searching on the net, you may still need to use other search engines because if you "oversearch" too often, your account can be deactivated.

~Swagcodes. These are gifts from TSG (The Swag Guy). They can be found in various places, such as the Swagbucks blog, facebook page, twitter, and more. When you find a code, enter it exactly (case sensitive) into the box on the homepage and then hit "gimme." All codes have an expiration time.
Every little bit adds up.

~Install the Swagbucks Toolbar. Occasionally, there will be codes posted by TSG in the "From TSG" area of the toolbar. Refresh this every morning for swagbucks from the drop down menu on your tool ba, usually 1-3 bucks.

~Grab a Swidget. You can find this on the Swagbucks page. Click on "promote" and then "swidget." The Swidget will give you hints on where a code can be located, as well as sometimes codes will be posted there.

~Read the Swagbucks blog and facebook page. Not only is it informative, but sometimes codes are posted there as well.

Other Ways to Win Swagbucks (other than searches):

~Submit a Poll Idea. There are new polls posted every Monday. If your poll question is chosen, you will be rewarded with Swagbucks.

~Tuesday Twitter Phrase That Pays. Every Tuesday, TSG announces a phrase that you use in a tweet. You can win up to 500 Swagbucks if your tweet is chosen. You can also submit TTPTP suggestion to TSG (

~30 Minute Random Winner. On the main page, they announce the 30 minute random winner, who wins 100 Swagbucks if they click on the banner when it shows their name.I have never won from here...YET!

~Daily. You receive daily Swagbucks for logging on to the toolbar, as well as going through No Obligation Special Offers (NOSOs). You can click skip for the ones that don't interest you, and fill out the information for the ones that do.

Let me know if you have any questions. I don't know everything "Swagbucks" but I will sure try to help!

And a special thanks to  Nicole's Frugal Finds for compiling this awesome run down!!

Coupon codes and discounts for 65,000 online stores!

Coupon codes and discounts for 65,000 online stores!