Thursday, January 13, 2011

Albies Run w/ Doublers

I'm pretty proud of my trip to Albertsons this morning.... after the gym w/ Austin. He did really good as long as he had a cookie in hand. I didn't need anything real specific, just a few items here and there we were running low on. Plus some freebies like the Bagel bites, 2 bottles of Sierra Mist, all 4 boxes of Green Giant Veggies and as I was checking out the produce guy came up and told the cashier that he needed to get rid of the 2 lbs. of green beans and he hated to just throw them away. They were not out dated just a few brown spots on a few of the beans. I told him that I would gladly take them off his hands.

The Finish Dishwashing detergent  is $2.99 and I had $2.25 coupons. I got 12 boxes last week and 3 coupons left for this week. I paid $.74 ea. Can you say stocked up for a while? I love doing that!!
My total OOP (out of pocket) was drum roll please...................... $6.21 that INCLUDES tax!!
Unfortunately I was not watching close enough and she "forgot to take one of the $2.25 finish coupons off, after looking at my receipt after being home, so it should have cost me $3.96. Darn her!! I hate it when that happens! Oh well all in all great buy and EVERYONE should be couponing! I can not stress this enough!!


  1. Nice products, Which is chief rate. This is really good. Thanks a lot....

    W Austin

  2. Still a great deal, but man, I hate it when they 'forget' to scan all of your coupons!